Canada’s Breakthrough Designers: Where Are Our Finalists Now?

To mark our 10th anniversary, we wanted to check-in with our former finalists and winners to see how they evolved after their TÉLIO experience, and share these stories with you! Today, we talk with 3 participants from the 2013 and 2014 editions, Aroosh Chaudhry. Tyler Harrison and the Jumeaux Joncas!

Aroosh Chaudhry – 1st Place Winnner, 2013



How was your 2013 First Prize Scholarship useful in your future as a designer? Winning the 2013 First Prize Scholarship was useful for me as it helped in pursuing my goal, which was to start my own business. It allowed me to build my studio and obtain the resources to get me started.

What is your favorite drawing tool to use when brainstorming ideas? I always start with a pencil and paper. A line on paper allows me to visualize the many ideas and see the bigger picture before I can even get to starting the pattern. However, after creating my current ready-to-wear capsule collection, Edit15, I have definitely realized the power of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I have used these tools a lot and learnt even more about their full potential for my Womenswear ready-to-wear line, ArooshChaudhry to create the visual quality I desired for my line.

Whose biggest fan are you? I am a fan of anyone who dares to dream big and takes action to do something about it. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist has been a guiding factor in my life and helped me clear out the noise in my head to know what I wanted to achieve in my life. In terms of design, it’s Haider Ackermann. His collections and runway presentations always move me, and just heighten my love for design.

What are you doing these days professionally? How has your business grown in the past months? Currently, I have been busy with the launch of my Capsule Collection called Edit15. This will be the first Women’s ready- to-wear collection launched under my label, Aroosh Chaudhry. I am very proud of this collection since I have done everything from the creation of the samples, photography, styling, and image editing  to the visual presentation of the collection on my website ( This collection has challenged me in many ways, thus allowing me to learn various skill sets aside from those associated only with fashion design. Edit15 will be released at the end of January and I am very confident that it will be well received. The response from the current teasers has been great and I am looking forward to its launch. Based on this collection I will be moving forward and creating collections based on the need of that time and also what inspires me rather than seasonal collections, under the label  Aroosh Chaudhry.

Tyler Harrison- Creative Mention Winner, 2013



What’s new since 2013? Winning the technical mention in the 2013 Télio fashion design competition opened many doors! Shortly after finishing school, I started working for Marie Saint-Pierre, both in her atelier and her high-end stores. Through this wonderful experience I got to see many aspects of a fashion house. I then moved on to starting university in Montreal, I decided after a semester to join the big leagues and apply for the London College of Fashion. When I met with the officials of the school and they reviewed my portfolio, the University of the Arts London accepted me for fall 2015. On September the 9th in 2013 I met the love of my life, who happens to be a graphic designer and together we started our own brand of clothing! Nearly a year later, he and I put together a fashion show and cocktail diner where I presented thirty five looks of my creations alone. Shortly after, on the 15th of September 2014, I left for London in order to spend the year settling down and in the hopes of getting fashion design internships. Since then, I have had the chance to work for some of the coolest fashion events such as the launch of the Burberry Christmas campaign with Romeo Beckham and the Victoria Secret fashion show in London! Although I am guaranteed a spot At London College of Fashion, I am also applying for the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for fall 2015! So whether it is London or New York, I am continuing my fashion studies all while working on my own label! And that’s whats new!

Top 3 things to do in London? My three favorite things to do in London a part from shopping are: going to Camdem Market and eating all kinds of street food, spending hours in the V&A looking at the vintage Dior dresses and walking along the south bank to watch the street performers!

What is the motto you live by? Seeing as I have big dreams in life, my motto is: ”Dreaming is believing”! I have even had it tattooed on my ribs as a reminder to never stop dreaming!

Mathieu & Frédéric Joncas – Gagnants du premier et deuxième prix, 2014



Lors du concours TÉLIO, comment avez-vous vécu le fait d’être en compétition l’un contre l’autre? Durant notre parcours scolaire, nous réalisions la majorité des projets d’équipe ensemble. Nous adorons la compétition et le fait de participer au même concours nous a permis de pousser nos limites dans un contexte individuel.

Y a-t-il eu beaucoup de changements dans vos vies depuis votre participation au concours TÉLIO l’an dernier?  Le fait de gagner le concours Télio nous a permis de participer à plusieurs évènements et de rencontrer des personnes très intéressantes. Grâce à Télio, nous avons acquis une belle crédibilité auprès de l’industrie montréalaise.

Sur quels projets de design travaillez-vous présentement? Présentement, nous travaillons sur notre troisième collection capsule été 2016, et poursuivons nos études en design et stylisme de mode à l’École supérieure de mode de Montréal.


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