Canada’s Breakthrough Designers: Where Are Our Finalists Now?

To mark our 10th anniversary, we wanted to check-in with our former finalists and winners to see how they evolved after their TÉLIO experience, and share these stories with you! Today, we talk with 2 participants from the 2013 edition, Julien Christophe and Florence Lamy!

Julien Christophe – Finaliste, 2013



What professional projects are you working on right now?

Following the Telio Competition, Overexposed in 2013 , I did an internship during the summer at Scabal in Brussels where I worked closely with the product development team to plan the visuals of a new web platform designed for the online ordering of customized clothing for companies (something that is unfortunately not yet available to the public).

In 2014, I coordinated the visual and artistic direction for the new staff uniforms of the National Assembly of Quebec that will be unveiled later this spring. We are currently finalizing the design of the accessories that will complement the outfits.

I am also currently in Surmesur in Quebec City, working as an assistant director and I am also employed by BHLB working on project and website management and communications. We are currently working with the Quebec Auberge St. Antoine to organize monthly parades called Thé à la mode where we will each month present a Quebec designer at a tea tasting at Panache

With respect to employment or educational projects, I think I’ll take things as they come for now. Managing the communications of a company has introduced me to previously undiscovered side of my studies, but one which is equally as important. Product development interests me,  but I’m more much interested in the technical aspect of things, such as illustration, for example.

Why did you decide to participate in the TELIO Competition?

I thought it would be a great challenge to test my capacities and to have a glimpse at a large-scale event such as fashion week.

What is/are your biggest aspiration(s) in life as a designer?

I’m not sure I would like to have my own brand but I would surely be glad to work for someone else just to be able to do what I love without the pressure of having your name and your life associated with a business.

What are some of your favorite clothing store?

I love something that says “I’m relaxed and low-profile”, I love classical elegant pieces and I like to wear them at any occasion. I L-O-V-E knits from Montreal based house Ça va de soi, simple yet very elegant and timeless tailoring from Reiss and for the accessories, I am dying over my Mr. Hare boots and I’m looking forward to try Galet gray pony hair loafers soon.

Florence Lamy – Finaliste, 2013



What’s your best memory of the TÉLIO competition?

Something that remembers vividly is definitely the pride I felt when I discovered that I was selected for the contest. It was a defining moment for me because it kind of symbolized that perhaps my dreams could come true. More importantly, I will always cherish the many nights and Saturdays spent working on our garments with Celine, our tutor. She is amazing and gave me the discipline I needed to make it where I am today. She thought me how important attention to detail is and how it can make or break a garment. Also, she is hilarious and such good company. I could not have asked for a better mentor to guide me through this experience.

What have you done since 2013? What’s new? 

I graduated Lasalle College in 2013 and decided to take a year off before applying to university to work and prepare my portfolio. The summer after graduation, I decided to attend a short course at Central Saint Martins in Experimental Fashion Knitwear which allowed me to discover my true calling: knitwear. Also, I received a scholarship from la Fondation de la Mode de Montreal to attend Central Saint martins.

What are the design projects that you are working on right now? 

I am currently studying at Central Saint Martins in London which is a dream come true. I am doing a BA (honours) Fashion: Design with Knitwear which is very demanding but a really amazing program. I will be working on my branding this spring in order to set up a platform/website to sell and promote my designs. What is cool is that most of my pieces are one of a kind and I think it gives the consumer an interesting experience to share with the designer as well as exclusivity. Other than that, I am simply concentrating on school and making the best out of this crazy experience!


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