Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Jury Q&A: Samantha Cutler

In the next few weeks before the Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2015 finale, we will be presenting Q&A’s from our talented jury panel, who will soon be determining the scholarship winners for our anniversary edition. Today we present Samantha Cutler, Marketing Coordinator at Ogilvy!


Coffee or tea? Myriade Cappuccino 😉

What is your favourite pastime? Blogging for with my puppy by my side!

What do you daydream about? Travel, travel, travel and experiencing the fashion, culture and lifestyle unique to each place.

What drives you most in your job? Creating and developing brands so strong that people find themselves within them. I get to experience this everyday, and with a brand that has the right marketing to the right audience, there is no stopping what can be done. There is no better feeling than getting it right!

What does Fashion mean to you? If the Fashion Institute of Technology taught me one thing it would be that “Fashion” is not about apparel and it isn’t just about self-expression either, it’s about finding what makes you happy. If you know what that is, express it through your art, your work, your apparel and relationships. If you don’t, then dedicate time to finding that. All of those things together are the fashions of your life.

Your wardrobe essentials? Jackets! I will splurge on jackets and rock them through different seasons completely changing up a look. Oh, and Mascara.

What does Montreal represents to you? Good tartare, great restaurants and creative, passionate people. Montreal represents a city with so much potential. We have the ability to create beautiful things and events like Telio’s Competition that showcase this potential, not only here but across Canada.

How would you describe luxury?  Getting the maximum amount of joy from something. Whether that is the quality of a product, or the life experience from a trip across the world, luxury is an individual perception of quality.

Thanks, Samantha!


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