Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Jury Q&A: Michelle Addison

In the next few weeks before the Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2015 finale, we will be presenting Q&A’s from our talented jury panel, who will soon be determining the scholarship winners for our anniversary edition. We start with Michelle Addison, top fashion stylist from the city of Vancouver!


Inspiration of the moment? I am totally inspired by Instagram. I love seeing ideas and emotions and personal style expressed through pictures.

What goes into the styling process? I get inspired by a certain piece of clothing a scarf, a piece of jewelry etc. and then I work from there. Often it’s about color and the person I’m working with, who they are, and what they want to express.

First thing you do in the morning? I’m big on saying “good morning” I try to wake and be positive and a nice hello in the morning is the best. I like to tell Stella (my 5 year old) that she is the “sunshine of my life” every morning. And then coffee. I may have a slight obsession with my Nespresso machine.

Favorite destination? Tofino, BC and then definitely NYC.

What are your closet essentials? CDG blazers, jeans, lots of jeans, equipment blouses, good belts and I love coats.

Favorite place to work? I love working in women’s closets. I love the intimacy of it, I love discovering and remixing the old with the new.

Song/album/artist on repeat? What are you listening to at the moment? First Aid Kit. They are a pretty cool band.

Country or city? City.

Favorite shopping destination? Totokaelo.

Thanks, Michelle!


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