Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Finalist & School Q&A: The Art Institute of Vancouver

Monday is here again (already!) hence we present you a new Q&A post showcasing Canadian Design talent! The Art Institute of Vancouver is a regular in the Télio finals. We are pleased to present you Shannon Davidson, finalist, and Sandra Scott, Full-time Faculty in the Fashion Design program.



Finalist – Shannon Davidson

Up to now, what’s been your favorite part of the competition?
The opportunity has helped me grow as a designer, both technically and creatively.  It’s forced me to think deeply about the process of construction and experimentation.  No garment I design is straightforward, and I’d rather learn to make something hard than something easy.

School Representative – Sandra Scott (MA) Full-time Faculty Fashion Design

As a Fashion Instructor at The Art Institute of Vancouver, what do want to instill in your Fashion Design students?
I find that many of the students entering the program arrive with a huge ardor for fashion, but have no idea how scheduling issues and deadlines play such a huge part in the fashion industry.  I try to instill a work ethic that will help them throughout the program, and once they graduate and enter the fashion business.  I also want them to understand that not only their cohort but also students from other semesters will be part of their fashion community, so they need to be mindful of how they act and what they say to their fellow students.

What is most motivating about supporting/supervising the students involved in the TÉLIO Competition?
The excitement that the TÉLIO Competition creates is infectious.  I am inspired by their energy when I see a student hold down a part-time job take on a full load of course work and participate in TÉLIO Competition an extra curricular activity.  The discussion the competition creates surrounding execution compels me to massage my grey matter; my 30+ years of experience in the fashion industry would never have brought me to discuss so many diverse and creative projects.

See you next week!