Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Finalist & School Q&A: George Brown College – School for Fashion Studies

First competition blog post of 2015! Happy New Year to everyone! May you start off this new series of 365 days with an amazing vibe and a great outlook on life.

This week, we are presenting George Brown College – School of Fashion Studies’ finalists, Yasaman Arasteh and Holden Vetro, and school representatives Cynthia Sanford and  Marilyn McNeil-Morin.

Enjoy, and as we say in French, bonne année!



Finalist – Yasaman Arasteh:

If you were to win one of the prized scholarships, what would this opportunity mean to you? What would you do with the money?
I am truly grateful to have been selected as one of Télio’s 25 finalists. This opportunity has led to a genuine boost in my confidence and has further motivated the pursuit of my career in the fashion industry. With so many options as to where my journey may take me, winning this competition would alleviate the funds needed to further my ambition for success.

Finalist – Holden Vetro:

What has the TÉLIO competition taught you (up to now)?
My interest in fashion design extended first from my passion for skateboarding and it’s accompanying artistic subcultures. After transferring into George Brown College’s Fashion Techniques and Design program from OCADU a year and a half ago, I produced my first complete, sewn garment, and I knew immediately that I had found my passion. Fashion design fulfills all of my creative desires, integrating my artistic sensibilities and my interest in research into one cohesive practice. The amazing opportunity presented to me as a result of my having been chosen as a finalist in this competition has also brought its fair share of challenges. The competition has demanded that I dedicate an exorbitant number of hours to the conceptual development and physical construction of my submission. I set extremely high standards for myself and the process has been grueling, but the challenges haven’t been without their rewards. I have enjoyed every moment of the conception and creation of my garment for Telio, and I have learned that I can work effectively within set guidelines and push myself beyond my own preconceived limits. I am excited to see the final result of my garment and also the designs of the other contestants.

School Representative – Cynthia Sanford: Professor, Marilyn McNeil-Morin: Chair

George Brown’s School for Fashion Studies always has at least one finalist per edition of the Télio Competition. Why would you say this is?

We believe much of our success in consistently placing a finalist in the Telio Competition, lies in George Brown’s strength in a curriculum rooted in technical skills. Of course, we encourage creativity in our students, but we measure that carefully with a solid understanding of production techniques and standards.

As a Fashion Instructor at George Brown, what do you want to instill in your Fashion Design students?
As Thomas Edison once said, “Vision without execution is a hallucination”.  I try to remind students that it is one thing to sketch a creative, unique design, but it is quite another to technically produce that design.

See you next Monday with more details on this year’s finalists and their schools!


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