TRENDY TUESDAY: Novelty Fashion

Are designers punking us? It seems like as the days pass we become increasingly accustomed to quirky fashion trends. We readily accept them with open arms and flock to boutiques to purchase our own before they sell-out. Designers from the likes of Moschino, Anya Hindman, and Chanel (to name a few) embraced this humorous trend in 2014. While you may be reading this and thinking that we’re about 6 months too late writing this post, we’re here to tell you that this trend is continuing to evolve for 2015.

Seemingly having started in the streets and finding its way onto runways, this trend celebrates anything eye-catching, silly, and nostalgic. Why did this trend gain so much popularity? It’s a known phenomenon that fashionistas with more exuberant styles tend to hog the attention of street-wear fashion photographers during events. With the immediacy of social media, and our increasing desire to brand ourselves on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the most far-out trends are the ones that fly off shelves the fastest. Are these looks so popular because of their aesthetics, or because of the attention that they command?

This trend will continue to evolve this year, with added emphasis on comic-inspired prints. A nod to pop-art, graphics will adopt a simplistic approach with black outlining and faded colours.

Novelty fashion; yay or nay?


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