Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Finalist & School Q&A: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

For our 3rd Finalist and School Q&A, we present the Kwantlen Polytechnic University from British Columbia. Michael Pope, Instructor, Fashion Design & Technology and KPU’S 3 Télio finalists, Sara Lowe, Ashley Morin and Jasmine Su, are the stars of this week’s post.



PHOTO CREDIT: KWANTLEN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY. From left to right: Ashley Morin, Micheal Pope, Jasmine Su, Sara Lowe

Sara Lowe:

Who/What is your biggest influence when designing?
My surroundings and nature; whatever I am working on in the moment usually influences my designs.

Ashley Morin:

What is your favorite drawing tool to use when brainstorming ideas?
My favourite drawing tool is just a regular pencil.  I prefer to draw in black and white and annotate fabric and colour details.  However, I always have my Fashionary sketchbook with me and I will sketch with whatever drawing instrument is in my bag.  When I want to add colour to a drawing, I use ProMarkers and other mixed medias.

Jasmine Su:

When did you realize fashion was your passion?
I actually didn’t realize how much fashion meant to me until I entered the Fashion Design and Technology program at Kwantlen. I knew that I always loved to sew and make garments with my own hands all throughout high school, and I knew that I wanted to learn as much as I could about textiles. The concept of turning something from a two-dimensional pattern into a wearable garment was intriguing to me. After entering the program, I was exposed to the apparel industry, and I didn’t realize all the various issues in the industry until we were encouraged to think and talk about them. That was when I really started to love fashion and developed a passion for it. Fashion isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks it is, and I believe that everyone needs to realize that fashion is ingrained into our lives, whether you consider yourself a fashionista or not. Fashion is something that connects people, and it says a lot about a person and a culture. The program has helped to nurture my love for fashion and has motivated me to strive to be a positive influence in the fashion industry.

See you next Monday with more details on this year’s finalists and their schools!