INTERVIEW: Anaïs Montreal – Online Vintage Boutique

While it only takes a trip to your local Forever 21, or any other “fast fashion” store to find a variety of fashion styles, I think we can all agree that these days, quality is hard to come by. And it’s not just with fashion; gone are the days when handcrafted possessions were the norm. Manufacturers have opted for convenience and speed through mass-production in order to bring consumers lower prices. Because really, that’s what we all seem to be asking for! The price tag usually has a heavy importance, and that’s completely understandable. You do however remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for” when your 15$ tee-shirt starts to come undone at the seams after one wash.

This drive away from quality and diversity has motivated many shoppers to start seeking vintage. Assuring higher quality and stand-out fashion, vintage definitely has a glorified image. And justifiably so; these pieces have a story! The most enviable of closets are frequently those of serious vintage hunters.

Finding great vintage pieces is not an easy feat, however. You could spend much time searching for pieces suited to your style, and you could very likely pay a pretty penny for them! When I was introduced to Anaïs Montreal, an online boutique specializing in
one-of-a-kind vintage items from apparel, shoes, and accessories, I was impressed. Stéphane-Chloé Vincent, the one woman show of Anaïs Montreal, knows what makes a good vintage buy. If you’re searching for an online, reasonably priced, vintage clothing store, Anaïs Montreal Vintage could become your next addiction!


Vintage seems to be a term that is loosely thrown around. What does “vintage” mean to you?

If antique is over 100 years old, vintage is younger ;).

Honestly, it is really rare to find pieces from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, because they have been mostly bought by the movie industry and by collectors. It is, however, possible to find such pieces, but it’s hard work!

Luckily, at Anais Montreal you can find pieces from these eras! I mostly carry items from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Where did your attraction to vintage start?

It started with vintage accessories. I loved having them, but what I loved more is that they were unique and that no one else had them! The quality and detailing of vintage pieces explains my attraction to it; I’m a lover of work that’s well done ;).

I love that with vintage items, the detailing is hand-made, high quality fabric is used, and the shoes are real leather, and made in Europe. It’s amazing to think that someone 20, 30, or 40 years ago was excited to buy a piece, and that this excitement can be re-experienced with a new owner.

Not only do I love the idea of recycling clothes, but it helps to reduce consumption!

It’s all about buying less, but buying well. Going vintage makes you unique and ecofriendly.

Why do you think vintage clothing has become such a hot commodity?

Quality and unique style, at a reasonable price! Today, we sometimes pay crazy high prices for fashion that is lacking on quality!

What inspired you to open an online vintage boutique?

Let’s face it- I was a hoarder. I used to love going to garage sales during my weekends and I ended up with a lot of stuff. It was two years ago when I moved that I realized how much stock I had. I started to organize some vintage clothing sales, and they were quite successful. So I said, “why not open an online boutique?”.

What kind of pieces can vintage aficionados expect to find at Anaïs Montréal?

Refined, feminine, and fresh looks. I don’t buy my pieces in bulk, and the time I take is reflected in my collection. You can expect to find distinctive items.

I try to choose timeless pieces which would match perfectly with contemporary clothes. They are simple, but have a touch of originality (color, quality, shape).

Anais Montreal mixes vintage with contemporary!

Your items are absolutely beautiful; how do you find such unique pieces?

During my travels, at night after my work-day, and on the weekends, I’m hunting for vintage! I wake-up early to go to auctions, private sales, and any other events which seem promising.

What is your favourite vintage item currently on your online boutique?

The Revillon navy blue purse, because of its unusual shape (pictured below!).

Do you ever have difficulty parting with some of your vintage finds?

Always! They are my babies and they are all unique, but I know that I have to let them go because if not, people may start asking me if I have a hoarding problem ;).

Who is your style icon?

I love the style of Tilda Swinton, Kate Moss and Cate Blanchett.

What are your favourite ways to incorporate vintage finds into your everyday wardrobe?

I just love to mix a vintage top with jeans. Mixing your contemporary wardrobe with vintage pieces makes all the difference. You really start to stand out and adopt a unique style!

You can check out Anaïs Montreal’s online boutique here, and follow Anaïs Montreal on Instagram!

Thank-you, Stéphane!