Quality over quantity, sustainable, eco-friendly products, and local consumption. These honest values are at the foreground of Marie-Anne Miljours and Tommy Delarosbil’s business philosophy for Matu, their Montreal based leather accessories line. Matu’s leather line is vegetable dyed and free of chemical products. Why Matu? Ma for Marie-Anne, T for Tommy, and U for you, the local consumer.

We had the chance to catch up with Marie-Anne to discuss her unique brand, and how she got her start in the fashion industry.

You can check out Matu’s collection here. Love what you see? We guarantee that these items are even more striking in person. Luckily for you, Matu will be participating at the
D Moment fashion show in Montreal, next Tuesday, October 14th, at 7p.m.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

Upon entering university, I first decided to do an internship with Betina Lou to gain experience in the fashion industry. I then became her assistant designer and eventually her production director. I loved my job. During my second year of university, we had to do a mandatory internship and seeing as how I had received the internship scholarship from the Montreal Fashion Foundation, I decided to leave for New York. I worked a little over 4 months for Rhie in the Garment District. Upon my return, I had an accessory contract, not related to the field of fashion. That’s when I got the bug for accessories and self-employment.

What is your favourite item in your new collection?

For clothing: the cami dress for women
For accessories: the leather backpack for women

What is Matu?

Matu is a vegetable tanned leather accessory line. We offer sustainable and useful products. Every piece is saddle stitched (handmade). What we love about vegetable tanned leather is that the color of vegetable tanned leather will naturally age with time and eventually become a stunning dark caramel color.

What was the inspiration behind its launching?

I had a contract for a camera case and I discovered an interest for accessories. I then started to make some leather IPhone cases. When I was shopping for some new leather at a supplier, I discovered this beige leather. I remember falling in love with the smell. I bought a piece just to try and read a little about this new leather I had discovered. After that, I never went back to chrome tanned leather.

What values do you uphold while working in the fashion industry?

Integrity, passion, and hard-work. Be who you really are. Work with passion for your success, because fashion isn’t glamorous. You have to love what you do.

What is your main motivation for doing what you do?

That if I don’t do it, nobody will do it for me. I love working for myself; it is very challenging. Every day there is something new to learn.

What was your inspiration for your new collection?

Slow made is always an inspiration.

Which Telio fabrics are your favourite in your new collection?

White Lattice Guipure 35318-01 and Cotton/Silk voile 28181.



Finally, where can we see Matu this fall?

I will present the Spring Summer collection at D Moment on October 14th at 7pm.
The Matu accessories are sold in store at Espace Projet and Mikko Espresso & boutique.

Thank you Marie-Anne!


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