INTERIOR: Fabric as Wallpaper?

Having lived in apartments for the last 10 years, and moving every 2-3 years I never thought of putting wallpaper up for the sole reason of cost. Wallpaper is very expensive and labour intensive and is a pain to take down. Recently I have been seeing this really cool concept of turning your favourite fabric into wallpaper! I thought that this was an ingenious idea for people in temporary situations like I am, where investing in wallpaper is not in their best interest. This fabric wallpaper is very simple to take down and obviously looks great! All you need is some time, some starch water and a little elbow grease!

Find out how to go about doing this DIY here and check out some TÉLIO fabrics I would love to see on my wall!

fabric-wallpaper copy

{TÉLIO fabrics Top to Bottom} Alder Crepe Print; 35254, Colour 03, Peach CDC; Style 65023, Colour 06, Rayon Voile Print; Style 35118, Colour 01, Rayon Voile Print; 65181, Colour 01

What do you think about this idea? Would you try this in your home!?

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