TOP 5 TÉLIO Fabrics for Fall 2015

Having just taken down the Spring 2015 wall in our office and replacing it with what we have for our Fall/Winter 2015 collection, I got to see it as a whole. Here are my Top 5 favourite fabrics from the TÉLIO Fall 2015 collection so far!

The Casablanca Lace is delicate and feminine. I would love to see this turned into a form fitting dress with half sleeves. This would also be a great transition piece if paired with sandals for summer and boots for winter!

TOP 5-new fabrics

{Row 1} TÉLIO’s Casablanca Knit; Style 65039, Colour 03, Lace Dress {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Kauno Crease; Style 65021, Colour 09, Pleated Skirt {Row 3} TÉLIO’s Tread Knit; Style 64520, Colour 02, Leather Jacket.

With pleats being a big trend for the upcoming 2015 season, the Kazuno Crease is becoming a hot commodity right now. Sharp, deep folds create added volume and sculptural interest in skirts and dresses and I really love this look dressed up or down! Next we have the Tread Knit. This faux leather knit is perfect for a fall jacket. The ribs add interest and since it is a knit it is extra comfortable. I love the hand feel of this fabric and am excited to see it come to life on garments for next season!

TOP 5-new fabrics-2 copy

{Row 1} TÉLIO’s New York Quilt; Style 64519, Colour 01, Quilted Sweater {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Cozy Fur; Style 64540, Colour 02, Vest

We all know how popular quilted fabrics are right now, and I absolutely love them for fall. This New York Quilt will make a great sweater. Pair it with faux leather tights, and you are ready to go! Finally our Cozy Fur makes it on the top 5 list. It is soft, and will look great as a coat or vest!

Which of these fabrics are your favourites?


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