Every now and then (and these moments are few and far between) we come across a new fabric that is extremely unique that we fall in love with. When we first saw the Air Mesh, we placed an order right away without even thinking twice! The fabric is 2-3mm thick and its honeycomb mesh exterior is bonded with a tighter mesh backing that gives it bounce and structure similar to scuba. It immediately reminded me of a running shoe material and I have to say, I wasn’t sure what could be done with it, but it was way too cool and unique to pass up.


{Row 1} TÉLIO’s Air Waffle; Style 35442, Colour 02 {Row 2 – Left to right – Top to bottom} Track Suit, TÉLIO’s Air Waffle; Style 35542, Colour 01, Shoes, Maje, Zara Skirt

In this industry these gambles are hit or miss, but when they are a hit, they are a major hit, so we took a chance with it!
Having just received our first production order in the warehouse, I have yet to see what our clients design with it, but was pleasantly surprised this past weekend when I spotted a few really nice air mesh pieces at Maje and Zara. I have to say that I’m always impressed with Zara’s fabric selection and while I know their fabrics aren’t always top quality, they always have a wide variety of new and unique fabrics, many of which have not even hit the market yet.

The Air Mesh is a great follow up to the scuba trend with its technical, structured and sporty characteristics!


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