TÉLIO TALK: TÉLIO’S 3rd Annual Volunteer Day!


Photo by: Jessica Pevzner

Since TÉLIO’s 60th Anniversary in 2012, an important tradition began! TÉLIO closes it’s doors for one whole day and spreads out to volunteer in several Montreal organizations. TÉLIO’s co-presidents and brothers, André and Raymond Télio had a strong desire to give back to the community that has so warmly welcomed their family business since 1952, and so began this wonderful company tradition! Not only does it make us feel good about doing something to better the world, but it brings us all together in a way that is very different from working at Télio! Check out last years post! 

For our 3rd edition, TÉLIO closed its doors on Wednesday May 14th and volunteered at the following organizations! (For more information on how to volunteer visit their websites below!)

Animal Rescue Network

APRMM – Association des popotes roulantes du Montréal Métropolitain

Le Chaînon

Cummings Centre 

Habitat pour l’humanité Montréal

Moisson Montréal

Parks Canada

Ronald McDonald House

Canadian Cancer Society

Sun Youth  


Where is your favourite place to volunteer? We want to hear about it!


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