Designer Interview: Lindsay Walsh

Ever since her first Fall/Winter 2011 collection, Lindsay Walsh, the designer behind the label Standing Armed, has focused on designing classic garments for the modern, feminine woman.  Lindsay’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is fresh, fun and as beautifully tailored as ever. I recently got the chance to ask Lindsay some questions, here is a little glimpse into the day to day life and creative process of this lovely designer!


Photography: Zenaida Kwong; Hair and Makeup: Sara Rose

What is a typical day for you?
Every day is very different, which is what I love. I work from a studio space between Gastown and Chinatown in Vancouver. Never a dull moment! I sketch any and everywhere I go. Ideas come at any time so I always have a sketchbook in my purse. When an idea is ready to go I head to the studio. From there I drape and draft patterns, cut samples and play with fabrics. I’m very tactile. I develop a loose idea in my head and sketch loosely on paper, but the idea really comes to fruition when I have fabric, scissors and pins in my hands. I often have meetings with sample sewers, fabric vendors or graphic artists. When at the studio I work mostly on my own so I enjoy the times I get to collaborate with others.

A typical Saturday night is….
Dinner and drinks with friends. I have a great group of friends who are always an inspiration to me. We can come together anywhere and have a great time.

This weekend I enjoyed an amazing meal and visit with my friend and graphic artist, Anna Cheung, at The Parker, a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver. Highly recommended.


Photography: Zenaida Kwong; Hair and Makeup: Sara Rose

What is your main motivation when doing what you do?
The most rewarding part is when a woman feels amazing wearing something I created. To think that something so material can affect people on such an emotional level is very motivating.

Favourite item in your closet
A blouse I bought at a market in Morocco. I have actually limited how often I wear it because my heart will break the day I have to part with it. Good excuse to plan another trip to Morocco.

Do you prefer sketching designs, or actually constructing them?
I need a combination of the two. I sketch ideas very loosely to get them out of my head. I then need to drape and play with fabric to really see the idea come into existence. One of my happiest moments is picking up samples and finally seeing the three dimensional version of what was in my head.


Photography: Zenaida Kwong; Hair and Makeup: Sara Rose {fabrics from left to right} TÉLIO’s Bamboo Terry; Style 31591 color 03, TÉLIO’s Eleanor; Style 33816 color 03; TÉLIO’s Debussy Denim; Style 32009 color 03 (sold out – for our current selection of denims, click here!)

How do you balance creativity and marketing your product?
I’m very lucky to have a good balance of the two in my life. My past experience has given me great exposure and respect for the business of fashion, which I can pair up with my creativity.

As a business owner you can’t have one without the other. This means listening to what women are asking for and what retailers need and delivering that in my product. I don’t feel like I’m marketing when I am creating clothing women want to wear and stores are excited to offer.



Twitter: @standingarmed


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