INTERVIEW with the Designers Behind Dreamboat Lucy!

What happens when two sisters with their own unique artistic talents come together creatively? Dreamboat Lucy; a “line of finely constructed pieces with the aesthetics of a figure flattering silhouette, a rock and roll edge and a retro feel.” With Hilary’s background in costume design and Louanna’s in jewelry design, you’re sure to find an outfit with it’s perfect accessory to match!


Women; Dreamboat Lucy, TÉLIO’s Trinity mesh, Style; 64110 colour 01, TÉLIO’s Mona knit, Style 33507, Colour 01, TÉLIO’s Menorca Print, Style 34792, Colour 01.

Customers of ours since last June, this dynamic duo has created amazing pieces with some of our beautiful fabrics, and we are so excited to see what else they come up with in the future!

We had the chance to ask them a few questions so that we could get to know them a little bit better!

When did each of you first realize you wanted to be designers?
Louanna: I was interested in fashion from a very young age. I loved sketching my ideas down on paper even if at the time, they were mostly big poufy ball gowns on ladies with full lips haha.

Hilary: It was not until I entered the jewelry program at NSCAD. I knew I wanted to be part of the Arts but it wasn’t until then that I found a way for my love of fashion and hands-on work to meld together

What made you decide to start a business together?
Hilary: With Louanna being in fashion and I in jewelry it made sense for us to combine our two disciplines and create DBL.

What is your favorite part about working together?
Hilary: It’s so natural! We practically have the same brain so it’s not like work for us, it’s just fun.

What is the hardest part about working in the fashion industry?
Hilary: Since our company is still in the beginning stages, we are juggling all aspects of the business ourselves (sourcing, marketing, PR, accounting, production, design etc…) as well as working part time jobs. It can get pretty overwhelming especially with the cycle of the seasons changing as quickly as it does there never seems to be any down time!

Where did the name Dreamboat Lucy come from?
H + L: We wanted a name that reflected our design aesthetic and carefree attitude when it comes to fashion. We liked the name Lucy for our IT girl and course she is a dreamboat, so the name seemed perfect!

You have used a lot of TÉLIO fabrics beautifully in your collections, what is your favorite TÉLIO fabric and why?
Louanna: I loved working with the Mona Knit featured in our most recent collection. It has a beautiful drape and is really easy to work with. It’s the perfect weight for summer sweaters since it’s not too heavy but still soft and cozy.


Montage by Kathya Beaulier from the Dreamboat Lucy website

Give new designers one word of advice you wish you had been given when you were starting out.
H + L: The business side is so important. You can make the coolest pieces in the world but if you can’t sell it then you are out of luck.

If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be and why?
H + L: The Mulleavy sisters behind the Rodarte label. We love their designs and working with another sister team would be pretty awesome.

Where do you each find your inspiration?
H + L: We find inspiration in just about everything. Nature, art, music, film, street style, food, even Barbie dolls!

What are your hot spots in Halifax?
The Biscuit general store, Bearly’s house of blues and ChaBaa Thai!

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Jessica and kathya

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