Canada’s Breakthrough Designers Finalist Q&A : École supérieure de mode de Montréal

We have reached our final countdown of Q&A Finalist Posts as we introduce our first of three schools in Quebec, École supérieure de mode de Montréal. Unveiling our last province for this Canada’s Breakthrough Designers edition of weekly interview posts can only mean one thing: that we are getting closer and closer to the 2014 finals… Oh! The excitement!

Julie Desjardins copy

Design Inspiration
« Rien n’est noir, rien n’est gris. Ce qui semble gris est un composé de nuances claires qu’un œil exercé devine. » -Paul Gauguin
L’esthétique composée par l’équilibre d’éléments visuels parfaitement agencés.

What would be your dream job after completing your Fashion studies? 
I would love to work for a European fashion designer and learn different techniques from ours, here in Canada. I find it is an asset to voluntarily put yourself in a situation where you are out of your comfort zone, immersed in another culture and have to work hard to achieve a satisfying result. Northern Europe has a particular spot in my heart. To be continued…

What is your present state of mind at this point in the TÉLIO Competition?
I’m really proud of what I managed to accomplish during this adventure. I’ve always been a hard worker in my design projects, but never like I was for TÉLIO. Through this contest, I expanded both my technical skills and my sewing knowledge more than I would have if only through my regular academic classes. No matter the final outcome, TÉLIO has been a memorable experience leading towards my career path. I look forward to meeting the other finalists and of course to see my design on the runway on February 25th!

Is there a designer you look up to or that influences your aesthetics?
I always know what’s happening in the fashion industry and other artistic fields like graphic design, industrial and architectural art. I would say that my influences evolve to the rhythm of my discoveries. Lately, I am all about simple lines and shapes. I appreciate the work of Isabel Marant, Céline, Chloé and Massimo Dutti, just to name a few.

Song or album on repeat?
I listen to a lot of emerging artists via the deezer site. Currently I am totally in love with a Swedish-Japanese signer that has this suave, breathtaking voice, her name his Sumie Nagano. In a totally different genre, I adore the new album “Racine carré” from Stromae. I am planning to go see his show at the FrancoFolies de Montréal festival this summer!

Chloé St-Antoine copy

Design Inspiration
I imagine the multidimensional aspect of texture through a mosaic. The shapes that emerge go from micro to macro and evoke the depth of all textures.

How did Fashion become a passion for you?
I have always thought that the idea of creating something from nothing was absolutely amazing. To me, the fashion world is the expression of that pure creation and is the perfect combination of sartorial design and drawing. I think that all of these factors contribute to my love for fashion.

If you could work for any Fashion Designer, past or present, who would it be and why?
It would have to be Yves Saint Laurent; because of his achievements and determination. He was a very talented illustrator and a fashion visionary. I admire his work, especially his innovative introduction of the suit for women. I particularly admire his determination because he never gave up on his passion even during difficult times and I aspire to be just like that.

Dress or pants?
This is an easy one, dress!!! I feel that a good dress on a woman is empowering. You can be who you want in the right dress, I find that a dress is so much more creative and challenging design wise.

What is your chief characteristic?
The trait that suits me the most would have to be ambition. I am a big dreamer and I always have a million ideas. I plan to go very far in life and I will stop at nothing to reach my goals.

Dorothée Tessier-Thomas copy

Design Inspiration
To create this style, I was inspired by a fusion of opposites. I sought to match architectural geometric shapes with smoother surfaces to create a dynamic visual effect.

What is a typical day for you, as a Fashion student?
As a fashion student, a typical day for me is doing many things in a short period time. My day starts with at least an hour and a half of public transportation to go to school. Then, I attend classes where numerous projects are to be managed simultaneously. When I return home, I still have a lot of work to get done, such as sketching, searching for fabrics for my collections, finding trends that will inspire my work… I always keep my projects in mind; it’s the only way to stay alert and spot any inspiration that might be useful for my creative process.

Where would you love to go on your next trip?
Japan has always fascinated me through its culture, food, life style, beliefs and fashion boroughs such as Shibuya in Tokyo, where it all comes to life.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I particularly enjoy making costumes. To create a character from nothing and think about all the small details that will make its style. I also fill in my free time with small clothing and accessory design contracts for other people and for myself.

Whose biggest fan are you?
I am a big fan of British designer Alexander Mc Queen and of Sarah Burton who took over the reins of the label. They both have a gift for creating designs that fascinate me. They have a unique way of seeing things, are inspired by anything and everything and they so cleverly use this to create fashion art pieces. Throughout my future career, I will aim to have an open mind and share the same unrestricted imagination as these designers.

Next week, stay tuned for all seven students from Collège LaSalle!


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