Behind the scenes with Canada’s Breakthrough Designers

Last December, we posted a ‘Behind the scenes’ blog article showing TÉLIO’s 2014 Canada’s Breakthrough Designers hard at work. Today, we are back with our second post!

The due date to receive all 25 garments at the TÉLIO Montreal Headquarters is tomorrow!!!

We have already started receiving garments from some schools… and it is soooo much fun. I know I have mentioned this before in a previous blog post but, this week at TÉLIO is like Christmas all over again! I’m certainly not complaining.

We can see the students are hard at work just a few days or weeks before completing their designs.


It is impressive to see some details up close or parts of the clothes in progress. To help you better understand the hard work that goes into creating a TÉLIO Competition garment; take a look at this video. The video shows finalist Samantha Stroman from Vancouver Community College sewing her garment. You can also view the video on her blog, Waisted, where she, among other things, has blogged about her experience as a finalist in this year’s TÉLIO Competition.

Stay tuned, next Thursday we will have a special post showing you the arrivals of the 25 garments – Some special teasers just for you!


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