A New York Moment: Issue New York

NEW YORK CITY. I like to call it the center of the world. Well, at least the center of the fashion world. With American designers leading the branding and licensing phenomenon; the transformation of labels into household names, NYC has become the capital of the fashion industry, especially within the cocktail and special occasion dress market.

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Just off Broadway and 37th you can find ISSUE NEW YORK’S head office, run by Barry Berookhim. Barry originally distributed high end dress lines, but with the changing business structure in which the middle man disappeared, he decided to launch his very own line called ISSUE NEW YORK.

ISSUE NEW YORK caters to the modern woman who wants the latest catwalk style with plenty of sex appeal (a trademark of theirs). Age is not a factor in this dress line, it’s all about attitude. Barry believes women can be sexy at any age. He also pays special attention to luxurious fabrics which truly make the garment special. As nontraditional as Barry himself, ISSUE NY is located at 137 West 37th Street in his original location with a store front façade differentiating him from the usual head offices you would find on 7th Ave. You will always find him busy at work and ready to greet his next customer.

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Personally I would describe the ISSUE NEW YORK head office as having more of an atelier feeling; like Paris with the dynamics of a NY showroom.

To find out more about ISSUE NEW YORK visit their website at www.issuenewyork.com