The New Year is here and I am sure a bunch of you have set goals and resolutions for the year to come. Everyone has different ideas of what needs to be changed, improved or emphasized! Personally my resolution is more of a goal; I want to finish more projects that I start. I am full of new ideas, and I get motivated really fast but then another idea pops into my head and it’s so long to that first one. So, for 2014 I really want to invest my time and energy in completing projects that I begin and create more because of it. I also want to keep honing in on my photography skills! 2014 is going to be a very creative year for me! I thought it would be really nice to find out what TEXTURES blogger’s had in mind for their New Year’s resolutions, so here they are:

new-years-resolutions-2014 copy

“I’m not big on resolutions but I try to always have goals whether they start January 1st or not. A current goal I have: complete more personal projects. Whether it’s DIY projects, graphic artwork or my own website, I want to create more!”


“My resolution this year is to take more weekend trips! I’m lucky to live near some amazing mountains, the ocean, Vancouver Island, Portland and Seattle… all perfect places for little weekend getaways with my guy. We’ve promised each other that this year we will make more plans and enjoy some quality time together away from our comfy home!”


“Finding healthy ways to cope with stress, Examples: catch up with a good friend, take up a form of exercise or allow myself to take a break when it’s needed”


“2014 for me is the year I will finally find the MAN of my dreams. My New Year resolution is to start flirting with every interesting guy I meet so I can catch one!”


“My resolution for this year would be to feel more freedom, practice escapism and break my routine. To meet new people, see new places, expand my horizons & my knowledge by opening up to new experiences, sights, cultures, unique cuisines and landscapes! Italia? Scotland? Malawi? At least one time this year!”


“New Year’s resolutions… I never used to go there. Ne-va! But if I must be honest, I have secretly given myself personal goals to attain these past couple of years. It works great. And what works even better is not revealing what these goals are; in the same manner you don’t reveal a wish you want to come true.  Even though I set myself objectives throughout the year, it seems a little global recap never hurts.”


“I got a car in 2013 and started to drive everywhere, I’d like to get back to my old ways and travel more by foot, especially when I’m in the city.”


“To be more aware of what I am eating! After all it’s what runs our body”


new-years-resolution-2014-2 copy

Hope all of you stick to your new years resolutions for 2014. Katelyn had a great idea last year and wrote down good things that happened to her in 2013, what a great way to remember the gems! What are some of your resolutions for 2014?


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