MOOD: Relaxing New Years Day

Happy New Years! I am welcoming 2014 in comfort and if your like me, then you’re probably still in your pyjamas, ipad in hand, hot coco or tea in the other soaking in the pleasures of a lovely day off after a night of celebration! New years day is one of those days that you want to curl up in comfortable clothes and be as relaxed and lazy as could be! Maybe bake a little, eat a lot, and just rein in the new year in your most relaxed state!

MOOD-new-years-day copy

Cups of hot cocoa; 79 ideas, Ipad and hot cocoa; 79 Ideas , Cookies; Elephantine {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Roxanne style 34988 col. 08, TÉLIO’s Sparkle Knit, Style 34874 col. 02, TÉLIO’s Sweden Quilt, Style 34836 col. 07, TÉLIO’s Sweden Quilt, Style 34836 col. 07, TÉLIO’s Denmark Quilt, Style 34572 Col. 07.

Above are some of my favorite cozy TÉLIO fabrics.

Enjoy your day off


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