Today is the day! If you celebrate Christmas, we hope you are spending it with family, friends, loved ones, pets- the whole gang. We thought it would be nice to share some of our personal favourite Christmas moments and traditions with you, enjoy!


Photo Credit & Gif- Katelyn Bishop

“My Mom, Dad and myself excitedly open our gifts all at once and my sister takes FOREVER to open hers. If you sneak a peek at your next gift while someone else is opening their gift she’ll get super mad and insist that you wait your turn.

By the time we are done opening ours, she’s still sitting in her pile of gifts. Since breakfast follows the opening of gifts at our place, we are pretty hungry and ready for the next phase of the day. We then have to sit there and watch her open her gifts.

For some silly reason, this always ends up with us either arguing or laughing hysterically. Perhaps we should eat breakfast first this year?”


“My favourite thing to do around the holidays is cooking, and getting to share the kitchen with my mum! I drive her totally nuts because I’m messy and I try to do way more than we have time to do. But spending that quality time making delicious food for those whom I love most, it’s heart-warming. It’s my favourite!”


“My favourite part of this time of the year would have to be all the festive smells and flavours. There is nothing like the smell of pine in your home. I also love that everyone is off, so it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family and just unwind and enjoy! “


“Even though my brother and I are both over the age of 21, have graduated from University, and no longer live at home, each year we wake up at 7 am to open our presents. When we were kids, this was the earliest we could wake our parents on Christmas morning, so we would of course wake up at about 5 am, full of excitement and play board games in each other’s room until the clock struck 7 (monopoly was a fav because it lasted a long time). Now that we are older we are easily able sleep in completely until 7 but my brother insists that we keep the tradition going and he makes sure to wake me up at 7, usually with an interesting phone call to my cell. Even though sometimes I could use an extra hour or so, I’m glad we have managed to keep that excitement alive 25 years later.”


“My favorite thing about Christmas is definitely the music. It’s what sets the mood and slowly crescendo’s to the actual day. Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am a Christmas music nut!  I’ve got a sore spot for in my heart for the classic albums I grew up listening to like Amy Grant, The Carpenters and Ella Fitzgerald. There is something magical about Christmas music for me and as soon as I hear it, I can’t help but smile.”


“Christmas Holidays are my favourite of the year! I really don’t care that much for New Year’s celebrations, but Christmas, watch out. I’m all in. The joy of knowing I will be spending time with family, relaxing in my pj’s drinking spiked egg nog, chilling out with my nephews and my niece, gathering around the table for an hours long meal, drinking champagne… this is true bliss. And I could go on and on about the winter sports I have time to do, the new book I get to read, my days spent in the country, getting to see friends and chill out in a way we don’t get to do during the year… Christmas, you are my special crush, you make my heart race, you are my one and only favorite Holiday of the year.

Yours truly, and forever,


Do you have any favourite holiday traditions to share with us? Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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