Canada’s Breakthrough Designers Finalist Q&A: Seneca College

On today’s Competition Post, we introduce you Bulgun Puteeva from Seneca College.
If you have missed our previous interviews with this year’s finalists, I suggest you check them out here. Enjoy!

Bulgun Puteeva 2

Design Inspiration
I was inspired by the texture of the movie editing process, where the best individual shots are combined to create cinematic perfection.

When did you realize fashion was your passion?
I think I’ve always had a passion for fashion; it’s just that I didn’t think it was anything special. I thought that all girls had a thing for nice clothes and pretty shoes. It wasn’t until very recently that I began to realize that my taste and critical eye for fashion was not something shared by everyone.

Going along my courses, putting together my final collection and spending a few months as an intern with a local fashion designer, I had started to get a lot of praise and encouragement from everyone around me. This gave me confidence in myself that I didn’t have before. I finally felt that I was good at something, that I had some sort of talent and that I wasn’t useless.

I’m very happy and I feel like I could do this 24/7.

Less or more?
More or less… I guess?  This is too abstract of a question; I want less stress and more clothes!

What is your idea of happiness?
Having my family close to me and in good health, keeping busy with work or school and being able to travel and explore the world.

If not yourself, who would you be?
I wouldn’t change anything and I’ve never really thought about being someone else. I mean come on, I’m not even 30 yet, I have my whole life ahead of me. Everything that ever happened to me so far, good or bad, has made me who I am today and I actually really like myself.

TÉLIO’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Interviews will be taking a little Holiday break. Stay tuned for Ryerson University Finalists on Tuesday January 7th, 2014!


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