Earlier this fall we told you that a quilted embroidered vest was one of our top 5 must have items for the season, and we can now say for sure, that this trend is here to stay! This fabric is thick and cozy, which makes it perfect for fall, and since everyone seems to be jumping on the quilted bandwagon you will surely be seeing it next fall as well.  Not only that, but we have been seeing some gorgeous lighter weight versions with a few cheery colours that are excellent for spring!


{Row1} White Quilted Tee; Zara, Quilted Cape by MM6 Maison Martin Margiela; Style.com, Lululemon Quilted Headband, Lululemon, Quilted Black Sweater by American Retro; Revolve Clothing. {Row2} TÉLIO’s Iceland Quilt’; Style 34821 Colour 03,  TÉLIO’s Norway Quilt; Style 34448 Colour 08, TÉLIO’s Chelsea Quilt; Style 34822 Colour 02.

Not only are quilted pieces a key item to have in your fall/winter wardrobe, but if you are a designer, they are a perfect addition to your next collection. In the form of simple sportswear sweaters, to lux faux leather jackets, quilted fabric can be worn by all types of consumers! Classic pieces in shades of white, grey and black, are reborn into a more fashion forward garment with the addition of quilted details. Quilted fabrics are a great way to update your basics, making them perfect to wear for both work and play!

TÉLIO has many quilted styles in  basic colours that are ideal for sportswear outfits (as we saw at Montreal Fashion Week by Travis Taddeo) accessories, capes, jackets and colour blocked styles as well. Take a look at the Black and Grey American Retro version (above right).


Stella McCartney Navy Sweater; Snob Fashion, Christopher Raeburn Quilted Dress sleeves; Style.com, Golden quilted skirt with embellished top; data.whicdn.com, Red Quilted Jacket; Asos.

As this trend grows and develops, consumers are looking for the latest versions. A great updated option that TÉLIO offers is the Chelsea Quilt Style.  A Polyurethane coating gives the fabric a faux-leather look, ideal for fall/winter. A more intricate option could be combining quilt with embroidery like the Stella McCartney Navy Sweater above (left) to add unique design details and give your garment an edge.

TÉLIO also has these quilting styles to help create whatever finished product you’re looking for!


{row 1} TÉLIO Style 34822 Col. 05- Chelsea Quilt, TÉLIO Style 34821 Col. 06- Iceland Quilt {row 2} TÉLIO Style 34321 Col. 06- Finland Quilt, TÉLIO Style 34449 Col. 02- Norway Quilt.

Check out all our quilted styles and colours here! And keep an eye out for our lighter weight spring version of this trend, arriving soon with basic colours! Plus we have a handful of spring shades on the way, so you will definitely be inspired to work with quilted fabrics for every upcoming season!


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