FASHION CULTURE: The Best of Denmark.

Denmark is often cited as one of the world’s best countries to live in. This small country of about 5.5 million inhabitants has been making international headlines on a regular basis. Danes are apparently amongst some of the happiest people in the world and both their lifestyles and culture are known to be very rich and diversified.


Montage by: Kathya Beaulieu

Apart from being well-known for their modern design and fine architecture, they have what is arguably the best restaurant in the world: NOMA.  Located in Copenhagen, and described by foodies as “The experience of a lifetime,” you can enjoy delicious Nordic/Scandinavian cuisine in a sleek and modern setting. Chef Rene Redzepi uses only local ingredients, some coming straight from the greenhouse right next to the restaurant which adds to its rich culinary experience. They also have pop-up restaurants around the globe, I really wish that one day I will have the chance to experience this food! Danish cinema has been doing very well in the international film scene since 2000! The Danes have incredible filmmakers, including one of my favorites; Lars Von Trier. His latest film, Melancholia, staring Kristen Dunst (who in my opinion gives her best performance to date), is a beautiful masterpiece that focuses on the absence of real love between the characters and the world itself. This one is a must see!

The Danes have also taken big leaps towards being green since 1960. With their huge cycling culture and most recently with the use of wind energy, this green country is officially the first Bike City in the World. Lots of cities including Amsterdam and our very own Montreal have been following in their footsteps by adopting this cycling movement.


Photo Credit: Rakk and Ruin; Girl on Longboard; Artificious; Girl with Denim Jacket; What Would Karl Do.Top Left Corner of Each Image: TÉLIO’s Fabrics used: Tencel Denim 02, Tencel Denim II; Style 33861, Color 04, Norway Quilt; Style 34448, Color 06, Snuffy Fur; Style 33864, Color 07

Without any doubt, people living in Copenhagen are some of the most fashionable in the Scandinavian territory. Danes have a particular way of accessorizing clothes. They always look graceful and elegant under their layers of deeply toned fabrics. They have an innate sense and flair for sophisticated and effortless style, and always look good on their bikes or longboards while facing the frigid Nordic weather.

Stay tuned for our next destination; Japan!


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