Canada’s Breakthrough Designers: Jury Day 2014

Thursday October 24th was our first jury day for the 2014 edition of Canada’s Breakthrough Designers.  It was great to finally meet these fashion experts in their respective fields after spending so much time selecting and putting the jury together.  They were a great team, to say the least. They brought so much to the day and were generous with their knowledge and unique perspectives. Another enriching jury day in the history of the competition!

2PHOTOS-welcoming the jury

Photo Credit: Chloe Caravelas

We started arranging our Montreal Showroom the day before the jury’s arrival, setting up all the tables where we would then lay out the 144 sketches submitted to us.  The 23 participating schools receive numerous submissions from their students but are asked to select and send in a maximum 7 of the best sketches to TÉLIO. So, at the school level, a total of 531 sketches were submitted, in hopes that they place themselves within their schools’ best selection. The ones who make the cut, then hope to see their name on our celebrated finalist list! Each year the number of participants grows, and we are very grateful to see the schools take this competition to heart. It gives us so much drive to continue each year!

2PHOTOS-light lunch

Photo Credit: Chloe Caravelas

Come Thursday morning, we are ready with croissants, coffee and such to welcome our jury members with, one by one as they slowly arrive between 9:00 and 9:30 am. We take this time to get acquainted and mingle before we really get started with the day’s top mission. The next half hour is focused on explaining the jury’s documents, and going over the criteria, the theme, and all other important information about the competition.

Then, the jury is set free to individually asses each sketch. It is only after the lunch break when all the individual ratings have been gathered in our system that the jury members gather together to discuss the results and come to a final consensus. This can take from 30 to almost 90 minutes depending on how fast the jury can come to an agreement.

2PHOTOS- jury & sketch b&w-good

Photo Credit: Chloe Caravelas

When the final 25 sketches are officially chosen, we announce to the jury which schools each of the finalists sketches are from since this information is kept top-secret until then.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of how this first judging day unfolds. For more pictures, please visit our website!


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