Interview: Designer Snapshot with Moonstar Designs

Designer Ester Knight of Moonstar Designs focuses on fashion that is age appropriate for tweens with an emphasis on offering great fitting clothing for all body types. Ester recently showed at Western Canada fashion week – the show featured tons of TÉLIO fabrics (yay!). Ester is based in Weyburn Saskatchewan, but I have been lucky enough to meet her when she came shopping for fabrics at the Vancouver showroom. I’ve had a blast meeting and working with Ester, and we are so proud to see our fabrics in such a fun and positive collection for young girls!


Photo Credit: Risa Walbaum, Model: Blayke Walbaum

What’s a typical day for you? I am a mom to two awesome girls, so I get them off to school first, then make a plan for the day of what I need to accomplish. In the winter I do a lot of skating and dance costumes, so after I am done with my custom orders and alterations, I work on my own designs. I work at home so my schedule is really flexible. I try not to sew for more than 6 hours a day, but that doesn’t always happen!

What is your main motivation when doing what you do? Fit, quality and uniqueness are the 3 main things I think of when I am designing. I am most motivated when I am striving to hit those three markers in any garment I produce.


Photo Credit: Risa Walbaum, Models: Blayke Walbaum (left), Taliya Knight (right)

What brought you to fashion? I think fashion came to me. I am first and foremost a person who has a desire to create. I am also a major fabric-aholic, and a very tactile person, and fashion was the most natural extension of those qualities. My mom started to teach me to sew when I was six, and I have been learning ever since!

I have always had a passion for creating garments that fit properly, and in recent years I have been focusing on the unique challenges ‘tween” fashion presents. The sizing is so tricky while girls are developing. Fashionable clothing that fits, looks great, and they actually want to wear is so hard to find!  You end up with either too low cut, too shaped, or too babyish of styles, none of which fit adolescent bodies properly, and are not always age appropriate.

A dream you’d like to achieve? I am already living my dreams, with an amazing supportive husband and kids; everything else is just a bonus!

Favorite designer at the moment? Koos Van Den Akker – Love his way mixing prints and textures, and off the wall designs!

Describe your personal style: Quirky, textured and colourful, mixed with classic and timeless.

Motto you live by? Be yourself!

Thank you so much for sharing with us Ester! Visit Moonstar’s facebook page here, and website here.