Announcement: Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2014 Jury Panel!

Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen, here is (finally!) our amazing and beautiful Jury panel for this 2014 edition of our nationwide fashion design competition, TÉLIO’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers! We simply couldn’t wait any longer; the ache of keeping this secret was almost unbearable.


Montage Credit: Katelyn Bishop

Each year we put a lot of thought and energy towards the selection of our jury members. Our goal is to gather together 4-5 Fashion Industry professionals from all over the country, and sometimes beyond, to better represent our rich and diverse fashion scene. Also very important, is the fine combination of everyone’s field of expertise. It is essential to have 1 or 2 fashion designers on the panel, as they bring concrete design and production knowledge to the table. We also find it imperative to have a good balance of stylists, buyers, fashion media mavens (i.e. fashion editors or journalists, influential bloggers, etc.) or trend specialists on board since they all have different perspectives on the garments’ “life and purpose”.


Montage Credit: Katelyn Bishop

I arrived at TÉLIO in 2010 as Coordinator for CBD Competition and ever since have only had incredible experiences with our jury members. They are so knowledgeable, kind and generous, I wish every one of the student participants could witness the professionalism and determination they possess while assessing each and every sketch, and later on in the competition timeline, the actual designs. They invest their time, effort and take pride in doing their job well. So to all past, present and future jury members, I say thank you for your investment towards tomorrow’s Canadian talent!

Readers, Competition participants and TEXTURES blog enthusiasts, keep an eye out for our individual Jury interviews coming up within the next two weeks. You will get to know the TÉLIO jury members like never before!

And before I wrap this up, mark this date on your trendy calendars:  On Thursday October 24 2013, the jury will be meeting for the first time to select the 25 finalists. And of course, we’ll be announcing the results right here by the end of the day!

How exciting! Stay tuned!


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