Style Secrets: 3 Tips for Transitioning your Wardrobe for Fall

Here in Montreal our weather can be very unpredictable during the transition from summer to fall, it goes from freezing mornings to hot afternoons, from sun to rain and vice-versa. And while I am in no way hoping for snow, it could start any day now, only to be followed by a warm sunny day perfect for apple picking. While many of you live in other cities or countries that may not deal with this transition, I am sure you can understand the challenge this presents when choosing an outfit.

I believe that the best way to get ready for a new season is to prepare your wardrobe. Here are 3 helpful organizational tips to help you transition from summer to fall so that getting dressed doesn’t become a headache.

Tip #1 Divide your clothes into summer weights and heavy weights

Summer weights: These are your linens, open weave knits, light cottons, seersuckers, eyelets, and poplins. All of these items can be stored away until next year so put them in your summer pile.

Heavy weights: Cashmeres, boucles, wools, sweater knits, fleeces, silks, cottons, denims and leathers can all be kept in your closet as long as they are in good condition. Note: Just because something is a heavy weight doesn’t mean you need to keep it. If it is pilling or has a hole GET RID OF IT!


Image Source: Clothing Rack;Sequins and Sweets, Clothing Pile; Ballet Pumps and Roses

Tip # 2 Take what is left and divide by Colours, Prints and Styles (this might be tricky so use your judgement)

Summer colours, prints and styles: These include shades that scream “summer” such as neon’s, and bright colors, tropical or floral prints. You really need to use your judgment here and pick out any prints, colours or styles that have an obvious summer feel. Be careful here, sometimes colors you would often associate with summer are in style for the fall and winter season, do some research and see! For example, pastels are hot for F/W 13 so don’t throw those into your summer pile!

Basics: Basics are pieces that are always “in style”. You see them in stores every year, if your basic pieces are in good condition then keep them! These would include a crisp white or black cotton t- shirt or dress shirt, a black blazer, jeans, a little black dress, cardigans, mid length skirts, trousers, and cable knit sweaters. Since you already divided your clothes by color you will know which of these “basics” won’t belong in your F/W wardrobe.

Tip #3 Get some statement pieces that are on trend for F/W 2013 

Here are 5 trends that are hot for F/W 13. If you have these in your wardrobe already then keep them out! If not think about investing in some of these pieces and you will be on trend for this upcoming season!

5 looks -KAYLYN3

Image Source: Candy Coat; Vogue, Quilted Skirt;Nasty Gal , Masculine;Vogue UK , Punk;The Fashion, Jacquard; Kayture

  1. Candy-coloured coats
  2. Quilted tops or bottoms
  3. Masculine pieces
  4. Punk
  5. Jacquards

Hopefully these tips help make your transition from any season a lot easier, do you have any helpful tips? Please let us know!


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