Trendy Tuesday: Warm & Cozy

This weeks Trendy Tuesday is inspired by the beginning of October! It’s the first of the month and it is really beginning to feel like fall. The leaves have changed colors, the air is cool and refreshing but the sun is still warm and bright! I love this time of the year; it’s cozy and cool but not unbearably cold. It’s the perfect in between weather.


{Row 1} Fall boots; Sutton Rowe, October Calendar; Life Love Paper, Wooly Socks; Flickr {Row 2} Dog on Bed; Desire to Inspire, TÉLIO’s Cozy Knit; Style 33855 Color 01, Fall couple; Cup of Jo {Row 3}TÉLIO’s Breton Stripe; Style 33713 color 01, White Cup; Littala, TÉLIO’s Pennine Tweed; Style 32504 color 01 {Row 4} Cable knit bed; Choose My Decorator , Chunky Scarf; Whipped Style, Cozy bed; The Velvet Fantastic.

Who doesn’t get excited about layering knits, wooly socks, scarves and sweaters? Drinking warm chai, hot coco and lattes? Baking apple and pumpkin pies and just staying warm and cozy in beautiful fabrics?

Hello Fall!


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