TÉLIO TALK: Travis Taddeo at Montreal Fashion Week

After a long week at work a colleague and I decided it would be a great idea to end it with a bang, and so we headed downtown to catch Travis Taddeo’s fashion show. Travis Taddeo has been a customer at TÉLIO since 2009 and I was thrilled to discover that our very own Norway Quilt had been transformed by his hands into works of art.  It was Love at first sight!

coup de coeur copy

Image Source: Jeanne Brosseau

Taddeo graduated from LaSalle College in 2008 and has gathered a large group of followers among fashion risk takers for his bold approach to fashion. He is known for his use of minimal lines and blends of silks, jerseys and supple leathers. His designs are a bold marriage between luxury and street wear with a light, trendy, easy going feel.

Travis Taddeo MFW

Image Source: Aux Jours Le Jour

I was surprised (and a little apprehensive) to find that this was not your typical runway show. The models were statuesque and within reach. The ability to get up close and personal to the clothing, allowed you to really see the details that went into each piece and I ended up really enjoying the experience. His Spring Summer 2014 collection had a muted color palette with soft blues, black and white. He also used his signature blends of silk chiffon, poplin, linen knit, supple leather and quilted fabrics for an edgy modern feel.

Congratulations to Travis on his beautiful show!


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