INTERVIEW: Designer Snapshot with Sewaholic Patterns

Tasia from Sewaholic Patterns has a wonderful line of sewing patterns that has gathered a huge following with the online sewing community. Her knowledge of sewing is endless, and her point of view is unique and fresh! We adore seeing TÉLIO fabrics showcased on her blog.


1. Black or color?
Color! For sure. The bolder and brighter, the better.

2. Inspiration of the moment?
Designs with movement, fabrics that drape and flow, layered and draped garments.

3. Describe Telio in one word?

4. What fuels your creativity?
New fabrics, changing seasons, watching ideas come to life, change of scenery, taking a break from work and coming back refreshed

5. Last thing you do before going to bed ?
Recount the good things that happened that day, and if I still can’t sleep after that, plan out my next sewing project.

Thank you Tasia!


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