TÉLIO TALK: TÉLIO’s 2nd Annual Volunteer Day

Since TÉLIO’s 60th Anniversary in 2012, an important new tradition has taken place at TÉLIO: Our annual Volunteering day. TÉLIO’s co-presidents and brothers, André and Raymond Télio had a strong desire to give back to the community that has so warmly welcomed their family business since 1952. The idea of a volunteer day came naturally, and before you know it, it was summer and we were starting a TÉLIO movement.

For our 2nd edition, we proceeded a bit differently. TÉLIO closed its doors on Tuesday July 9th for all employees to do their community work on the same day. A picnic was also organized afterwards in order for everyone to share their volunteering stories and experience, and enjoy some fun time under the sun!

And fun, we had!

You don’t have to take my word for it… we have a three day post lined up for you with employee testimonials and inspiring photos which will most certainly speak for themselves. Today we are featuring our volunteering day; stay tuned for the picnic tomorrow on the blog followed by a post by Caroline Somos, our Vancouver representative, on her volunteering experience!

Volunteer 1Photo Credits: Row 2, Photo 1 by Chloe Caravelas.

“It is inspiring to see the determination and courage of people who struggle to face their challenges and to help, even in a small way. It is an experience that will remain with me for a long time and one that I look forward to repeating. We can all be proud to participate in Volunteer Day that started as a way to commemorate our 60th anniversary and has, in its second year, become a tradition at TÉLIO.”
Raymond Télio

“A tremendous eye opening experience for me. To be able to devote time for community involvement in a meaningful way has incited me to add volunteering as an essential place in my future and hopefully in the future of more members of our TÉLIO team. “
André Télio

Volunteer 2 copyPhoto Credits: 1st photo Chloe Caravelas. 

“What a great day! It wasn’t only because we were giving time and ourselves in helping others, but it was great to see how our team all worked together with such spirit, energy, and fun!”
Mark Steinhaus

“Sometimes in life, we must stop and give a helping hand to those in need and TÉLIO’s volunteering day gives us the opportunity to do so.”
Teresa De Cicco

“It is great to help broaden TÉLIO’s impact on society as well as share this goal with all our co-workers.”
Douglas MacDonald

Hope this inspires you to give back to the community!


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