EVENTS: Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2013 Winners at LECTRA

Since 2012, LECTRA offers the two top prize winners of TÉLIO’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers licences and private training in innovative textile design software. Recently our 2013 first and second prize winners were here in Montreal for their LECTRA training!


Aroosh Chaudhry from the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology in Toronto and Elizabeth Lynall from Fanshawe College in London had a blast learning all about the LECTRA technology with the solution expert extraordinaire, Carlos Jimenez!

Thanks to LECTRA for this amazing contribution and support towards tomorrow’s fashion talent!

After winning TÉLIO’s Canada’s Breakthrough Design Competition I once again returned to Montreal July 3rd for the Lectra training.  

For two days I trained with the very patient and knowledgeable Carlos Jimenez in Kaledo Style, Print, Knit and Weave. Training with Carlos was a treat! 

Despina and Carlos made the entire experience so much fun. While Elizabeth and I were learning all about Lectra’s amazing applications, on the side we spent our down time enjoying Montreal!

I am so grateful to be a part of TÉLIO and Lectra, and through them getting the chance to meet such wonderful people! 

Aroosh Chaudhry, 1sr Prize winner, 2013 Canada’s Breakthrough Designers


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