MOOD: A Touch of Neon.

“They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway. They say there’s always magic in the air.”

If you’re at all afraid of bright, bold or neon tones, just add a small touch of it to your everyday Life. Live, eat, wear, dream in neon.

neon copy

Photo Sources: {row 1} pink eyelashes , TÉLIO’s Venice Knit style 34257 col 04, pink nails;{row 2} TÉLIO’s Hi Multi Chiffon style 33492 col 03, triangles on board, TÉLIO’s Jewel Knit style 33827 col 19; {row 3} Two Girls in Yellow, TÉLIO’s Kimono Chiffon style 34042 col 02, Bathtub; (row 4) Sprinkles, Pink Toque, TÉLIO’s Sunshine Eyelet style 63212 col 06.


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