DIY: Faux Leather Sleeves


Caroline here with a super fun and easy DIY! Who doesn’t love a little (faux) leather in their life? Especially when it’s our super gorgeous Perfecto Leather. Changing up the regular sleeves on a jacket with leather sleeves will give it a modern, edgy look.


step 1: Detach the sleeves carefully by unpicking the seam.

step 2: After detaching the sleeves,  choose the best looking one, and unpick the underarm seam, so your sleeve lays flat. Now you need to trace your sleeve to make a pattern for your leather.

step 3: Cut out your leather, times two! You’ll need around a half meter of fabric.

step 4: Now it’s time to re-attach the sleeve. Sew the underarm seams, attach the sleeve to the body of the jacket, finish that seam so that it doesn’t fray, and finally hem your sleeves.


See? Super easy! I loved how this quick update took my tired military jacket to the next level.


Hope you enjoyed this DIY!



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