FASHION TIPS: Contemporary nautical

Everyone wants their little bit of the sea in their wardrobe or living space! I’ve got some secrets for creating a nice and modern nautical look!

Contemporary nautical copy

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1.  Don’t overdo it!

Dressing head-to-toe in sailor might look a little bit costume like. Think of small details & accessories (nautical shoes, headband, necklace, rope belt…) or choose one big piece such as a sailor dress, shirt, classic boat-neck top, etc.

2.  In terms of colour, wear basic sailor colours such as navy & off white with an accent color such as Kelly green, fuchsia, yellow, etc.

In this post, I used orange as my accent color to contrast with it’s complementary color on the color wheel: Blue!

3.  Mix patterns!

Everything can be mixed and matched, giving you multiple options to suit any occasion. It’s a fun and trendy way to go! Mixing big bold stripes with little dots is a modern way to wear the nautical look!

Welcome aboard miss sailor!


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