DIY: Fun Fur Vest

This week’s DIY is the Fur Vest from Burdastyle! I love the look of the faux fur vest over a jacket or a blouse, it’s so versatile. Make it Boho, make it rock, dress it up or dress it down. It will be your new favourite piece for next Fall/Winter!

This DIY project is super easy and fast!  Even those with the most basic of pattern skills can complete this project within a few hours.


Image Sources: Mary Kate and Ashley, Blond haired lady, Image turquoise dress

First step: Set up an account with Burdastyle!

There are several patterns available free of charge. The others can be purchased online for $5.40 each. This vest pattern was free but was not printable from home. It came with simple pattern making and sewing instructions.

Second Step: Get your Supplies – You will need:

  1. Paper
  2. Tape (to tape paper together should you not have a wider roll of kraft paper handy)
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors

Third Step: Choose your fabric:

I used TÉLIO’s Molton Faux Fur style 33714 col. 05 for the outer fabric (self) and TÉLIO’s Duchess Satin style 20212 col. 02 for the lining. Another great option would be TÉLIO’s Snuffy Fur style 33864.

Note: If you are lining this vest, remember to make a seam for the center back lining and leave a sizable hole of about 5” to allow for you to turn your fabric right side out after it is all sewn together!  Hand stitch the center back seam closed and press the garment on the wrong side with a press cloth to avoid burning the fur and the satin.

Amount of Fabric Needed:

Fake fur width: 145-150 cm length – 1 meter for all size

Lining width: 140 cm (55 ins) length: 0.85 mt (1 yd).

Seam Allowance

This pattern doesn’t include seam allowance

Fourth Step: Follow the Instructions on Burdastyle, there is a link on the bottom right that will take you here!

Fifth Step: Wear your new fur vest! Check out the one I made in the image above!




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